Fort Myers Water Damage

Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning We offer a 24 hour emergency water extraction service, as well as drying equipment rental.

With experience on over 1,000 floods, we have the expertise required to always do things properly and save you money in the long run.

We use the latest in technology with the Flir Infrared camera to determine where the wet areas are. We don’t just dry your carpets, we dry out the structure of your home and try to salvage all building materials to minimize the cost of remediation to you. If floor coverings are not salvageable, they will be removed by us.

We pull cabinet kick plates and baseboards to allow drying inside of wall cavities and underneath cabinets. Most cabinets can be dried but some do not due to laminate materials.

We drill exterior sheetrock 1 to 6 inches high to access furring strips for drying.

Wood products are dried to 10 – 20% relative moisture count or down to 3% of a dry benchmark reading that is established from surrounding dry areas. Sheetrock is dried to 13% relative moisture count or less.

Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning We pull out wet carpet padding if necessary.
In a category 1 or 2 flood the carpeting can be saved if delamination has not occurred. In some cases the carpeting needs to be replaced.

In some situations press board can be dried but will lose integrity after becoming saturated.

Wood and laminate floors must be removed because of warping if wet underneath.

Jobs that are wet for more than 3 days should have a 3rd party evaluation done prior to re-occupancy to determine the possibility of mold growth.

In a category 3 flood situation (sewer contamination or rising water from exterior of home) all affected materials must be removed and replaced. We will install dehumidifiers for remaining structural materials to dry.

Upon the homeowners’ request, a flood closing report is provided upon completion of every job that is a category 1 or 2 flood and has been dried out according to our scope of work.

In the event that there is no electricity on a job site, we can provide a 45kw generator with power converter stations in order to run the equipment necessary to dry the job.

We can provide infrared imaging technology with our Flir camera to capture thermal images of areas. This determines the temperature variances on the structure which can help to pinpoint water intrusion as well as the source of the leak.

This picture shows a hot water heater that has exploded at its pipe fitting on the top of it. The darker area shows variance in temperature on the drywall, indicating an outline of the wet areas.

If there is mold present on a job, we can recommend a licensed and state certified mold remediator to come in and perform air quality testing and complete the remediation process.