Fort Myers Tile Cleaning


We are the ceramic and porcelain tile cleaning professionals.

Our 3 step process begins with using an alkaline or an acid based cleaner.  We then pre-spray small areas and hand scrub all grout lines.  Last, our revolutionary high pressure extraction tool will clean and leave your floors virtually dry.  This makes your tile look almost new again. 

After cleaning we highly recommend re-sealing the grout lines to prevent future staining and aid in better cleaning.  There are 2 methods of sealing your grout lines and we will determine which one will work the best on your floors.

Grout Sealing

Sealing your grout provides resistance to staining. Grout is a very porous surface that needs to be protected with a Sealant. Whether it is a Aerosol or liquid based product we apply will be determined after we do a Section of the floor. If something is spilled on the floors you can easily wipe with wet rag . If it does not remove  professional steam cleaning in the future most of the time will resolve the problem .

As long as the right products are being used by the consumer during the cleaning process the sealer will keep your grout looking awesome in the the long run. This is a must for all concrete based products either outside or inside to keep them beautiful. If you want your grout to look good in the Future -Do not skip -sealing it!